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June 19th, 2012, 20:23
Well if you read his reviews, it's definitely more then just his reluctance to reload the game. He gets over that, and still finds the game extremely unfair. And if you read his past reviews, he's not exactly someone who is opposed to extremely hard games.

But yeah, I remember the whole rescuing a party from the dungeon thing. I never did it though, because it was so much easier to just reload! Though back in the early days of Wizardry 1, I'd have to actually turn off my computer when I died, to prevent it from saving. I don't think that it was possible to just hit reload until….Wizardry 4 maybe?

Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
well sure, but it sounds like its because he's resistant to reload the game and probably the designers expect you to do this in the situation instead of the old method.

Wizardry, until the later games, gave you the rare ability to rescue your party with another which helped give the illusion of a dynamic world. Its a nice touch which they probably did in pen and paper.

Later, they started letting you save the game in the dungeon and I think they added patches for earlier games to do this too. Heck, today's gamers are allowed to level up in a dungeon which was always a no-no in the 80's.

I'm guessing the playtesters and designers at this point started ignoring the "rescue" dynamic in favour of this and realistic AI. Either that, or they didn't playtest enough before release before seeing what a problem it would be.

Or maybe they did it too much and made it more challenging to meet their own skill level. That happens sometimes and they lose touch with the average player.
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