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June 20th, 2012, 20:43
sorry but i never had an issue with Skyrim upon release in the circa 300 hours spent, however CDPR supposedly DRM free, manage to bungle me being able to play my expensive as shit collectors edition upon release, and i do recall running into a number of quests bugs in my gameplay not to mention frustrations with lack of storage and some other small details. The Witcher 2 was a great game but similar to Dragon Age 2 one that in my view saw a shorter dev cycle, catering to consoles, and a much smaller game. sure it was more polished if by that we refrerred to being shiny and spectacular, but i refuse to drink the CDPred coloured kool-aid even though i do appreciate the lengths they go to make changes that players want, and offer it free. not being nickel and dimed with dlc is worth something, though on the same end don't begrudge those of us our right to bitch that actually subsidized it with collectors editions etc.

its fine to support drm free games, and free dlc, but don't forget that other players will in someway be subsidizing however willingly especially in the new dawn of kickstarter games where there is even more variation in how much people will be paying/supporting for the same game.

i am also one of the few who thought the enchanced editon for the original witcher actually neutered much of the personality in the voice overs, even though it did improve some aspects such as load times and i believe the inventory.

i will always usually pay more for something that i want rather than be given something i don't for less or even free.

"nothing in life is free" and while bad experiences can be lessons i try to fill my life with as few as possible whether it be games or otherwise.
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