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June 23rd, 2012, 00:19
After reading this interview with the technical producer I realised CDProjekt still don't have a clue. http://impulsegamer.com/interviewgrzegorzrdzany.html

They can make such a great graphics but they still can't get even basic gameplay right. He also mentions the game as being "hard".

It is even easier on hard setting than TW1, using the quen sign you don't even need to drink any potions, in TW one you at least needed to drink swallow a few times.

He also mentions it involves a lot of strategy, well it is more of a click-feast than diablo 3 ( which BTW needs a lot more strategy ).

While something has been improved in combat the unresponsive controls has made it perhaps even worse than TW1 combat.

Still TW2 is a much better game than TW1 IMHO except for the end I guess. But hoping for multiple beginning of TW3 to fix that…. I don't think they'll be able to pull that off though.

Please CDProjekt fix the gameplay, you're great at interactive storytelling but you're making games not movies.
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