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June 23rd, 2012, 00:02
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
Wont play or have the scary atmosphere of Stalker since it's third person and you play as a team. First person is way better if they're trying to make it scary, for a number of reasons.

I agree that the backstory does seem a little strange.. I prefer when they make much greater jumps in time, it's easier to accept large changes such as mutations or implants etc. it's the same in the Deus Ex games (2020-something - not very realistic.)

Is the old protagonist just the person who gives you the missions maybe?

Looking forward to it
Well I see it as different worlds and different technology. Anything is possible it doesn't have to leap 100's of years because it's not our world.

Simply put it's a game anything is possible. I'm looking forward to it but 1C usually has more crap releases than good ones.
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