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June 23rd, 2012, 13:02
I completed the game on hard setting with no weapons, just hands (kung-fu style) - then a second run-through using magic only - then a third run-through as single character - you could say i overplayed it! …and for this very reason, i would not want more of the same even with slight differences. I would not buy a follow up LoG unless it was completely different.

There many possible ways to expand the game…for example…

1. Interactive extra character involvement, join or dismiss.

2. Specific character pick-up per specific end of level completion.

3. Dialogue with branching consequences (text obviously)

4. Insanely hard end of level bosses (possibly utilising a joined character's skills).

5. Team split-up to enable consequential solutions.

6. A split team communication system.

7. No return death of a character with dilemma C&C.

8. An involving, moving or tragic storyline.

9. A bigger and more complicated game world area.

…etc' etc'
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