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June 24th, 2012, 22:41
Chell!? You don't even know you're playing a woman until you find a mirror! And Bayontetta?? Seriously!?

I agree with JeremyM - putting Fem Shep in there is pretty weird. Tons of RPGs let you pick the gender. The gender choice rarely has much real affect on the game other than who you can and can't sleep with so it's kinda hard to say it's empowring to women. If you make the character one particular race, is it then empowring to that race? My "Tesslah" character is a bald, black woman - so just what is she empowering??

Cate Archer definitely needs to be on that list.

Lightning? Hmmm, she's a good female lead but that's a party based system. It doesn't take long before she's got other folks around. Luna might work for Final Fantasy X-2 but I never played it.

One thing that's bugging me even with my own list - our games are almost all very violence based. "Look girls, you can slaughter monsters just as well as the guys!" Errr, that's empowering?

Oh well, I think I'll watch the Dead Fantasy series again.
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