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June 25th, 2012, 00:13
Originally Posted by aries100 View Post
I expected to see the Hawke, femHawke, there as well. And yes, while a lot of rpgs let people pick their gender, they always seem to have women herores in scantily clothes. Not so in Biowares rpgs…
FemHawk isn't in the list because there wasn't a pageant held for her.

That FemShep pageant and the resulting publicity/controversy is the only reason she is in the list as opposed to many other rpg characters whose gender was chosen by the player to be female.

The whole voiced protoganist always annoyed me in Mass Effect but I could accept it since they went for a cinematic experience. Even if MaleShep constantly sounds like he either has a clothespin on his nose or has his nose stuffed up because of al the coke he's snorting. That last one might also explain why what he says often is way off from what dialogue choice I chose. It got really annoying when It bleeded into Dragon Age 2.

Then I got annoyed when Bethesda chose one particular player character (you know the Nord with horned helmet) as their 'model' for all promotions but at least he kept his goddamn mouth shut.

I guess, games are going the way of Hollywood and they think they need leading men/women to hawk their product (even in games where the entire point is to create your own).
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