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June 26th, 2012, 00:54
It is console exclusive, but Capcom have stated that if there is enough interest from the PC community they would consider making a PC version / port.

There is a large thread of pleas on the Capcom forum, plus on many other forums and some petitions floating around.

I completed the game last week, including all the post end game content (apart from Ur-Dragon) and while the game has some issues, they are easily outweighed by the good. There is limited fast travel once you get far enough through the game via port crystals, decent post end game content, and new game+ feature, though difficulty doesn't increase in NG+, which I found a little odd. But you do get to keep your level, skills, items, vendors keep end game stock. I just used it as a fly through run to gather up a lot more gold to fund buying some top level gear that I couldn't afford the first time around.

It's a fun game, a bit of a mash up of different games, but it largely works out well. I consider it the evolution of the Monster Hunter series, with Dragon Age party combat, an actual world to explore, and some semblance of plot. An improved sequel would be best, but as a new IP it's pretty darn good and I'd certainly buy it if it came to PC. I'm not surprised that it sold over a million.
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