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June 26th, 2012, 10:22
Daggerfall, still the uncontested champion for largest world award.

They present the topic to validate their own design choices.

While they speak about space compression, they forget to mention time compression.

Travelling involves both time and space.

When they speak of the two castles separated by 20km, they forget to mention that time compression could change the travel between the two and the empty forest thing.

On foot, walking, it is 3~4 hours, jogging 2~2 and half.

Too short a time length to fill in naturally with events. Compress time by ten and crossing the 20km space requires 30 to 40 hours, more suitable to fill in gameplay events.

More than by this feature, large universes are constrained by narration, narrated stories.

Narration creates the urge to move from one point to another point. Hence a tedious relation to travel. Travelling has to be shortened because it is a thorn into the flow of the story telling.

Narrated stories seriously limit the validity of large universes as ultimately, a story only requires the places where narrative events take place.

But large universes are needed to provide with situations to role play a character in certain fundamental actions. Large universes can support food and water needs (a large universe or selective settings like post apocalyptic world [food and water is a problem everywhere] or a remote place, poorly connected to the rest[local scarcity])

Hard to tacle the incompatibility. Only games with a questing approach (like in medieval adventure romances) can make good use of a large universe. The questing approach allows that no urge to move from one point to another to discover the plot is introduced. The travel is the source of the adventuring material, giving space to a large universe.
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