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June 26th, 2012, 12:18
Thanks for the information.

I played the last two closed betas, and they were enough to convince me to buy this on release. The game is in a much better state than Age of Conan was, that's for sure.

TSW is basically a lot like SWtoR in how it's primarily a singleplayer game with MMO dressings. The difference is that the adventure/singleplayer elements are infinitely more interesting and the quest design is on another level entirely.

Technically, it also looks better and performs much better.

PvP is limited to instanced stuff - but at least it performs well with a lot of players on-screen, and it's got 3 factions fighting at the same time. Not really my kind of PvP - but what's there seems to work well.

The absolute BEST aspect is the setting and the atmosphere. It's very Lovecraftian and it's unlike any other current MMO in this way.

Since I'm a big atmosphere/immersion type person, I'm more than happy to live without a particularly strong MMO aspect - just as long as I can enjoy the singleplayer/cooperative stuff for a while.




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