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June 26th, 2012, 19:54
Please, please… no Japanese bashing. I've had lots of Japanese friends and acquaintances, and quite honestly, Japanese people are as a general rule, extraordinarily kind and good people.

There are some cultural differences that can cause problems and/or misunderstandings. For example the fundamental japanese value is to be part of "the group", verses the fundamental western value of personal freedom (a western child is often punished by taking away their freedom, e.g., being confined to their room, to a 'time out' chair or the like. In contrast a Japanese child is often punished by being kicked out of the group, e.g., the Japanese child is punished by being sent out of the house, or outside, rather than being confined in the house.) Problem here is that if the whole group or whole country goes bananas the personal tendency is to go along with the group — but, Japanese are much more inclined to criticize government these days. This and many more checks and balances in government than any time previously. Frankly, I trust their government as much as I do my own, i.e., not a great deal ->verify, ask questions, etc.

Then there's "politeness", which can be misinterpreted. Jhwisner is absolutely correct in saying: Sometimes in Japan "we'll consider it" is the polite way of saying "no." . It is absolutely true that Japanese people generally avoid saying "no", out of politemness and respect. Indeed there are something like well over a dozen ways to say "yes" in Japanese, but only a single way to say "No". But honestly, I find nothing wrong with politeness and courtesy as a cultural value. For example, "Nice to meet you" in the western world can mask a hidden thought of "I hate your kind and everything you stand for…". Still, IMO society functions better when everyone's not running around saying "Fuck you!" and "Fuck you too." all the time (excluding, of course, casual pick-up bars).

Back to the subject, the Japanese Capcom response of "…if the PC users out there really are vocal about having this game, then we can definitely consider it." seems to be truly positive to me, in view of the emphatic "definitely" inserted into the conventional phrase. Nevertheless reading between the lines, as one must sometimes do, the other part of the message seems to be that there would need to be a extremely large outcry from PC users to justify a PC port.

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