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June 27th, 2012, 00:48
Or just watch youtube.


There are supposedly some changes depending on your choices, but it's mainly same crap, just diluted with some additional curscenes. Now it's just fail, instead of epic fail. Now all endings, except the new ones are goodish. Because that was what we all wanted, right? The sugary sweetness. So all is fine. The Normandy leaving is explained, the crash is minor setback, the mass relay suddenly irrelevant. Why did we care about that relays anyway, if people can travel just fine without them?

And there is one new ending, when you can refuse to accept the child's logic. And the you get a giant middle finger from BW, in the spirit of "You didn't like our recolors? Eat this! And it's all your fault, you ungrateful prick".

Either BioWare completely lost the ability to tell good stories, or just any idea what people expect from their games. So be it :>
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