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June 27th, 2012, 05:05
Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
I'm torn on that too, Lucky. $20 is kinda high when the base game was only $60. I'm not sure I can wait though because I'm pretty much a Bethesda fanboi. While I spend $20 for a decent steak that's gone in 30 minutes, I still wanna grumble about paying for games
It's a little different compared with the DLC for a more linear game, like Mass Effect, where you get a pop up message and go do some mission, find a new companion, and then it's over in a few hours.

I'd say for most of us, a typical Skyrim playthrough lasts around 100-200 hours. Dawnguard adds a lot of new features and it's integrated seamlessly with this massive game world. Personally, Dawnguard makes me excited about going back and doing two more complete playthroughs, one siding with the Dawnguard and another joining the Volkihar faction.

With the new quests ranging anywhere from, say 20-30 hours, if I play the entire game twice more, that results in at least a few hundred hours of additional entertainment. Without Dawnguard, I probably wouldn't have done those two new playthroughs, unless there are some great quest mods in the future.

And who knows, I'll probably end up doing a third playthrough as a werewolf, given the new perk tree.

Considering all the thousands of free mods made available to us, including many quest mods and new gameplay features, dozens of which I've personally installed and enjoyed, I certainly don't mind kicking another $20 their way out of gratitude for the mods and Creation Kit alone. In fact, I've already played their game around 800 hours total since November.
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