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June 27th, 2012, 08:04
Just watched all 4 endings. Nothing much really changed. Suppose it gave a little more heartwarming scenes but at the same time still giving wtf feeling (except for destroy ending). In my opinion destroy >>>>> control > synthesis >>>>> refusal ending.

***Spoiler***Shepard watching over us as a reaper - wtf? Everyone becoming half synthetic/organic - wtf? I suppose EDI and Joker would be happy. Refusal ending really sucks balls. As someone already put it, big giant finger from Bioware. Well, fuck you too, Bioware. Also noticed that only in destroy ending, Liara doesn't actually put Shepard's name on the board.***Spoiler***

Still don't know whether Shepard is alive or dead (especially destroy ending) + what do they mean by "tell me another story of Shepard". I still see this as a sign of *Shepard's story may continue in ME4*.
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