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Default Brand-new Free-to-Play Game - Conquer Online 3?

June 27th, 2012, 08:21

Earlier this week, I lurked around and found an eye-catching article about NetDragonís free-to-play new title Conquer Online 3. As a loyal gamer to the current version of Conquer Online a couple of years ago, I have some nostalgic thoughts about me and my friends having fun in the game. The main reason that kept me away from it is the uncountable and ridiculous updates, which actually ruined the essence of it.

But in the article, NetDragon has it that the updates so amiss will be abandoned, which means Talismans & Battle Power will be removed. (Hooray!). The article also has it that the graphic will be improved upon, and most importantly compared to Diablo 3, which costs you 59.99 bucks and not yet has PvP feature implemented, this game stays free-to-play and has PvP actions! As a wizard in Diablo 3, I smelt some movements towards the RMAH update, so I would rather take a shot at this new title Conquer 3 when itís released. What do you think?

Oh, for the ones who show some interest in this olí new game, hereís the article:
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