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June 27th, 2012, 11:05
We need to rethink when we TR guys. There's something terribly wrong with the traps on elite. I was going through the forums looking for bugs related to hirelings. (None reported - but they suck again) And found some people having serious problems with the low-level quest elite traps.

The DCs are much higher and the damage is much greater than before U14. The acid hallway in WW 3 is doing 75-80 pts a hit. Had reports of toons above lvl getting killed easily. Some people think it's a bug, a bunch of people saying it's about time. Me, I think we better wait and see if it's a bug. If so, I think we need to wait for fix. If not a bug, prospective rogue needs to be well geared before we go in.

Just sayin…..
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