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June 27th, 2012, 14:48
I think the main reason it's considered a "classic" by some is because it's a vampire RPG, we don't see those often, i can't think of a single (modern) RPG right now except for VtM. The game also has a great script and some interesting characters.

I stopped playing it at some mansion / asylum where you had to solve some boring puzzles again. There were a few puzzles before reaching this area too, and i don't think i've finished even 40% of the game.. I watched a few "let's play" vids and saw even more puzzles ahead and even more environments which looked very dull and repeative. It's not that puzzles are difficult, but they scream "filler" and just bored me to death, just like the dull environments and combat.. The non combat zones are nice enough, at least some effort has been put into it, but the rest bleh, the most uninspring level design i've ever seen in a RPG i believe. Oh, that spooky hotel was nice at least, too bad they couldnt make the rest just as good.

"Turd" might be a bit over provocative but "classic", apart from the characters and script i dont see it.
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