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June 27th, 2012, 16:32
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
"Turd" might be a bit over provocative but "classic", apart from the characters and script i dont see it.
I'd say the characters and the story alone are already enough for me to consider it a classic. I mean, there are not many RPG characters as memorable as Gorgeous Gary Golden, am I right?

On top of that, the character progression and customization is a lot of fun, the replay value is quite high, there are so many different branching dialogue options, it's insane to even consider how they completed the game.

I understand what you are saying, that there are a lot of puzzles in some parts of the game, but I think these guys did great job of creating a believable and unique game world where you have the freedom to choose what you think your character would want to do or say.

The first time I ever played this game was a few months ago, and absolutely loved it, nearly ten years after the release date. Still looked pretty good at 1080p with the previous community patch, despite the age of the game. Certainly it could have been improved in some ways - for example, I think there were not enough quests specific to your clan.
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