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June 27th, 2012, 20:58
Shroud run was fine last night, although I can verify that they didn't fix the transition crash problem. Of course, I had been thru my entire roster, and multiple times on some of the toons, prior to the crash so it might have been a rather extreme test. Everyone's excited about yellow dopant, the new juice for deconstructing green steel items.

Lots of strange new loot out there, reflecting the new AC and magic boost systems. Casters in particular are going to have to think about gear choices. The stuff still tears down nicely in the crafting house.

I took a look at the epic destiny stuff. It looks fairly simple, actually. It really boils down to an extension of the enhancement system, using epic ranks instead of action points. It's a little more open in that the "enhancements" aren't limited by race or class (you can take anything you like), but the basic mechanics will be familiar.
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