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June 28th, 2012, 04:12
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
I don't think VtM: Bloodlines is such a solid game that it could stand on its own in a fantasy setting, that's all i'm saying. Planescape in a fantasy setting, that's not too difficult to translate (Baldur's Gate). KOTOR = Jade Empire, similar enough. The core mechanics and design is so good that it doesnt matter that BG is typical fantasy, it still works great. Same with Jade Empire (not typical fantasy, but different enough from Star Wars).
Planescape is a fantasy setting. Follow your own example properly and make it a VtM game…is it so good now? The actual gameplay in PS:T isn't that strong - it's the creative setting, memorable characters, script and choices.

KotOR isn't that close to Jade Empire and if you remove the Star Wars setting and ignore the characters and story, it's a remarkably shitty game. A realtime-with-pause game where party positioning is meaningless and you can Force-Push through the whole thing? Come one - it doesn't stand on the "gameplay" alone at all.

People seems to be extremely forgiving to all of VtM: Bloodlines shortcomings because it happens to be a rare vampire RPG with a great script and great characters. I guess for some people that is enough, for me it isnt.
Again, it has little to do with being a rare vampire RPG - you're the one that has decided that's the reason. Yes, we forgive it's shortcomings because of it's great strengths - like many, many games. The setting was different and they achieved a good atmosphere with nice music that made a nice change to fantasy, yes, but it isn't good because of that - it's a small part of a great package in terms of writing and design that trumps other issues.
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