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June 28th, 2012, 11:16
Crysis 2
The best looking shooter out there, but is it good to play?

You are a marine known as Alcatraz who are sent into New York to deal with a virus outbreak when your submarine is attacked. When you get to the surface your friends are killed by an alien ship and you are left wounded. You are saved by Prophet from Crysis 1 who give you his nanosuit before telling you to finish what he started. What follows is a romp through a mostly demolished New York City where you fight forces who seek to get your suit along with regular aliens.

Engine: Graphics & Sound
Best out there. Really. This is one game that make you amazed by it's looks and it spares almost nothing. I guess I could have wished for some better facial animations but that's it. And the sound is great as well.

Modern shooters tend to be limited without some new gimmick and the nanosuit is the core element here, when you get the hang of it you switch between stealth and armor all the time while keeping an eye on your energy. Out of energy usually means death. As long as you have the energy you can perform power sprints, power jumps and power bashing, enable infrared vision, stealth and armor. This basically makes you into a super hero and it's quite fun. The shooter mechanics are well polished and it's evident that CryTek are one of the masters of shooters.

In some ways, Crysis 2 is a step up from Crysis 1, in others it's a step down. Compared to your average shooter Crysis 2 is more open as you usually have more than one way to beat an area and the areas are often large enough to make sniping useful and stealth fun but it's faster (and more deadly) to bash right in. Compared to Crysis 1 it's very linear and many maps are completely linear. This is too bad as the openness of Crysis 1 was the games greatest strength when it came to gameplay. I still wanted to mention though that the game is still average compared to other shooters.

The most glaring issue with Crysis 2 is it's A.I. Considering how well polished everything else is, the A.I. stands out. Prepare to see foes stuck in the environment, who stop in their track, turns around and run the other way without any reason to do so, who just walk past you like they didn't see you standing in front of them, large foes who get stuck running in doorways (easily exploited) etc. etc.

Crysis 2 is a gotta play game for anyone who have the hardware to play it. While it's not the best shooter, it's capacity is sometimes underutilized, it's polished enough and it's unique visuals gives an experience that definitely rise the bar for other titles.
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