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June 28th, 2012, 14:59
Again, I don't think the genre is remotely defined even in P&P games. Go to any P&P RPG forum and you will find people arguing about what is and isn't roleplaying. Your statement that quality of roleplaying is defined by going against archetype is purely an opinion, many would disagree, and many play games like D&D which are merely pen and paper forms of the hack and slash found in Diablo.

As for character customization not being exclusive to RPGs, this is true, but then neither is playing a role. I certainly play a role when I play games like Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty as well.

Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
By putting a word like roleplaying between " ", it tells all.

The genre RPG is defined. That the definition is not applied or respected is another story. That is one point not to bother with definitions. That is another to claim the definition does not exist.

There is no role in Diablo to be played. Roles are contextualized and roleplay is achieved by playing against an archetype, with the quality of roleplay being assessed through the deviation from the archetype.

Character customization leads to developp and equip a unique character, no matter the game genre this means is used.

There is no ground to make character customization an exclusivity to RPGs. Every other genres has the liberty to introduce it to support a gameplay end. On what ground a sportsgame should be denied character customization? And character customization does not make a sports game a RPG or featuring RPG elements.
In addition, role play can happen without a character customization system.

Same old, same old.
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