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June 28th, 2012, 20:51
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You are most likely correct, but it would be pointless to give a druid a dex of 13 at the expense of other more important (to a druid) stats. As I don't fully understand Dilettante and none of the choices really appealed, added to the benefit of more HP with Toughness (for me), I'm leaning towards making my druid TR Human unless someone finds something which says a half-elf is clearly superior at this stage!!
Each Dilettante feat requires 13 in a certain stat:

STR - Fighter
CON - Barbarian
DEX - Rogue, Ranger
INT - Artificer, Wizard
WIS - Cleric, Druid, Monk
CHA - Paladin, Bard, Sorcerer, Favored Soul

Each gives a static bonus as well as opening up some of that class' enhancements. For example, Monk gives some of your WIS to AC, and opens up a +1 WIS enhancement, and 2 10% Healing Amplification enhancements. Caster dilettantes offer wand use as well as scrolls up to a certain level, which can be raised by enhancements, up to 95% on level 6 scrolls.

Fireflash, Mureall, and Rachail all took Cleric dilettante for 95% Heal scrolls. Druids of course get that already, so it's worthless to them. Mirys has Paladin for +5 to all saves. Suisaish has Fighter for all martial weapon proficiencies. Miriail has Barbarian for 40 more hp.

For a Druid, the best would be Rogue, for up to 3d6 SA damage, Monk for the 20% healing amp and marginal AC boost, or Fighter for the better weapons for a non-melee build to have as a backup. Wizard might be a choice to open up things like Blur and Shield wands, as well as GH and Teleport scrolls.

Ultimately, Druid benefits less from going Half-Elf than most other classes. Adding versatility to an already versatile class doesn't add much. I'll likely stay Half-Elf on my TR, but that's just me. Human for the feat would probably be better.

I would stock up on the paid amenities we use using the coupon, but not place them. We're likely to see several hotfixes and patches in the next couple of weeks, and replacing ship buffs over and over will get annoying. I would only do one contract at a time on the plat buffs as well, until this is fixed.
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