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June 28th, 2012, 22:21
I think you need to add the feat before you can use the tome for getting to the level. So when I level up to 3 I only have dex 14 and can't select TWF yet. I can move shield mastery to 1 and Exotic weapon khopesh at 3. I will probably run longsword + shield at the beginning and THF sometimes too until I can regularly hit with my offhand.

This is a 36pt build so it's very strict on the stats. I just start with 16 in the main stats so I can only take 14 dex. I can live with using just 1 weapon + shield or two handed weapon until I reach level 6 and get two weapon fighting.

Do you think shield mastery is better to get early than khopesh? I don't think there are any good level 1-2 khopeshes so there is probably no need getting it very early.
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