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June 29th, 2012, 09:08
Originally Posted by fadedc View Post
Now if your claiming that Diablo can't be a roleplaying game because you don't have unlimited options….because you can't choose to put on a mask and pretend to a monster, or build a canoe to sail down the river, or side with the dark lord and become a lord of hell, then that's a more reasonable distinction. Computer games are by their very nature much more limited in what you can do, and you will never have the options that you would have in a P&P game. If that was argument though, then you'd have to conclude that no computer game is a RPG, because every game severely limits your options. But that does seem to be what your leaning towards, certainly the reasons you've given for excluding Diablo would exclude every CRPG in existance.
I don't think that's what he's claiming. He seems to be saying that Diablo is too limited to meet his criteria of a role-playing game. I'm not saying I agree with him, but I can understand where he's coming from. Diablo is pretty limited even for an action-RPG.

His reasons for exlcuding Diablo would not exclude every other crpg because not every crpg is as limited as Diablo. Yes, all crpgs are limited compared to P&P games for obvious reasons, but some are much more so than others.
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