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June 29th, 2012, 12:25
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I consider part of the fun to invent my own background and motivation for bashing monsters - and I don't need the game to provide me with much of that.
Perhaps we have completely misunderstood each other. From your comment here, it sounds like we are already in agreement on this.

"Someone who bashes monsters" is not a role that you can play. It's not even the most basic concept of a character. However, once you expand upon that with a background and motivation for bashing monsters, now you have a role.

Absolutely, I'm 100% in agreement that you can take "someone who bashes monsters" as a starting point and flesh this out to come up with a character concept you can role play. There are very few video games that hold your hand and provide you with a character that is fleshed out enough to be able to consider the character's point of view and motivation, etc. Half the fun is usually coming up with this yourself, anyways.

Once you have a workable character concept, then, whether you can use it to role play in a particular video game or not depends on the gameplay mechanics, whether you can act upon what you think the character would choose to do. And there are games with more expansive RP opportunities as well as games with more limited RP environments.
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