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June 29th, 2012, 12:57
DoubleBear has kicked up the 9th Kickstarter update for Dead State ($197k, 7 days), offering a piece of fiction that represents playing the game and discussing the writing in general:
One of the biggest components of Dead State is the writing. With dozens of characters, item descriptions, and loads of game text, there’s a lot to experience. We’ve got over 10,000 lines of branching dialogue – to give you some perspective, the average screenplay contains about 1000 lines of linear story. For our dialogue, we need to create reactivity for relationships with other allies, the character’s respect for the player, character mood, concerns for events happening in and out of the shelter, and personal requests. As you can imagine, this takes a bit of scripting and time to write, rewrite, and implement – and every ally in the shelter has dozens of nodes of reactivity, including some random events.
Another (optional) component of our game involves collecting data. Out in the world you’ll find phones, USBs, hard drives, and other devices that contain information on them. These will unlock blogs, emails, news reports, and even confidential information that will shed some light on what happened to the rest of the world before the game started. Some of this data is unlocked bit by bit, each segment revealing more of a person or group’s complete story. All told, there is almost an entire novel’s worth of stories and fiction in the game.
While we're talking about Kickstarter in some fashion or another, Indie Games Reviews sent in 10 Commandments For Indie Developers on Kickstarter:


How many Kickstarter projects have 2 unshaven guys talking about how cool their game idea is? Way too many. Unfortunately it’s a lot harder to executive a concept than it is to chat about it. Images and stills are just as bad. The hundreds of hours that go into modeling and engine creation show us, the consumer, that you have the knowledge and expertise to put your vision into action. DeviantArt is cool and all. but cool images and cheesy videos do not turn into games overnight.
More information.
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