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June 29th, 2012, 12:38
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Well, we can agree that Grimrock is a game that provides very limited roles in terms of personality and background material. There is a backstory of why you were brought to the dungeon - but not much else.

It's also not a game where you roleplay through pre-defined dialogue.

I think where we differ is in how I consider roleplaying ACTIONS as important as roleplaying DIALOGUE. As such, I consider the actions involved in a combat scenario as relevant to a personality as his words when speaking. At least, I wouldn't know how to measure the importance of either - and as such they're simply both relevant. Every act you make as a person/being is relevant to your role in the world. There's just no way around that.
I haven't tried Grimlock yet, but I think you make a great point in that some of the actions you choose can be as important as dialogue choices in terms of RP opportunities.

Provided you have a workable character concept to start with, even small actions can be RP choices, by acting upon what you think your character would want to do. It depends on the extent to which the gameplay mechanics facilitate or hinder roleplaying, but I imagine it's possible to have a role playing game with very little or no dialogue.
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