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June 29th, 2012, 13:38
This one is directly topical.
A certain zombie survival RPG game that I love and have been following for some time recently released its Kickstarter program. I would absolutely love to back this game, but I see its expected release date is more than 18 months away! Ö and thatís if they are on schedule (these things rarely are). As much as I love the game I just donít have the energy or mental acuity to remember that at some point in the distant future this game will be done and I get to probably play it.
Kickstarter is a large source, so many projects to be presented on it. After a few hours spent browsing the multiple projects,the commandments reflect more the wishes of backers than rules to obey to run a healthy kickstarter.
Footage of game? Some have, others dont. Some with footage fail. Others succeed.

Commandments 2 and 3, I wish they could be followed but certainly not essential to success. Or determining a failure.

Marketing matters the most.
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