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June 29th, 2012, 15:03
The airship amenities we still use Turbine points for are:
Lesser Strength shrine (we are at level 61 and we can buy with PP's at level 62)
Altar of Devastation (will still have to buy for quite some time)

I still have a gold seal lesser strength extension. So I don't think we need more. We will in 2 weeks or so level to 62.

We can get some better XP shrines for awhile since we will soon TR our toons.

You get 900 TP so you could each buy a greater experience shrine for 700 TP (can be used at guild level 62). It will give us +4% XP.

An alternative is to buy a Experience shrine (+3% XP) for 500 TP and a Altar of devastation for 350 TP. The XP shrine can be used immediately and can be bought for platinum at guild level 63 (can take a bit over a month to get).

You have to use the coupon before July 1st. If you want to spend some TP's you can buy up to 10 amenities at 75% discount by using the code SHIP75.

I think the best is probably to get the greater XP shrine. With 8 guild members who can buy it we can keep it up for 2 months. Then I can take over keeping it up. It will give us 4% extra XP. Not a lot, but when we're all TR'ed (I will be TR2) then everything helps.

Regardless of what we do we need to stick to the SAME plan. I propose we discuss this on the Friday evening session
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