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June 29th, 2012, 17:45
Sorry to derail the derailment and to get back on topic but I'm a little surprised it took the author at pixelitis that long to come around to mentioning Wasteland 2. It's unclear to me if the author knows of the history between the two ( though I'm not sure how anyone who's read anything about W2 couldn't know).

Wasteland 2 will be the spiritual successor to the first two Fallouts
Er, um, sorta, I guess so? I'm not sure how a sequel of the spiritual predecessor of the Fallouts can be a spiritual successor to the Fallouts but I'm probably being too pedantic.

or all of the other interesting story-related elements that made Fallout what it is.
The future 50s culture thing between the settings is definitely different as Wasteland was set from the point of view of the modern day at the time (late 80s) . Though Fargo has already said he plans to build in a lot of 80s references in homage to the original Wasteland and that certainly carries some of the same nostalgic vibe and humor as the Fallouts.

However, considering W2 is being written/designed by many of the same people that were involved with Fallout 1 & 2 & New Vegas I think he might be selling Wasteland 2 short on the "interesting story-related elements". I recently replayed Wasteland several times and the story and setting were great as well, there's a reason it's a classic.

To be fair, I guess I'm being overly protective of Wasteland 2 at this point.
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