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June 29th, 2012, 21:00
Actually, we haven't done a bad job of hitting all the content, even as a group. We've never run Sentinels together. We've never run Chronoscope together. We've never run Restless Isles together (actually, I think Wouldii might be the only one in the guild that's run those quests at all). I don't remember if we actually finished Threnal as a group or not. No raids. No challenges. None of the new stuff obviously, including the "bridge to Underwhatever" series. Compared to the stuff we have run, that's actually a fairly short list.

I think we'll have a fairly "complete" run with our TRv2.0 group since the XP potion addicted among us (Peter shall remain nameless ) will also be a 3rd lifer and needing extra just to keep pace. Our TRv1.0 group has actually done most of the available content, other than the above list and a handful of house quests, so I figure a party of 2nd lifers should keep pace fairly well.
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