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June 29th, 2012, 21:04
Found this through thread, then twitter:

Mari McMillan ‏@MariMcMillan

1. Can we get a word from @turbine devs if these DC's are WAI? We did elite WW with lvl 4-6 chars but rogue was unable to find traps #DDO

4h Jerry Snook Jerry Snook ‏@JerrySnook

@MariMcMillan Trap DC issue for certain difficulties is a bug, so is the buff thing.
3h Mari McMillan Mari McMillan ‏@MariMcMillan

@JerrySnook just another question, is the insane damage from these traps inherent to the insane dc bug? and Wings recharge fix planned?

9:17 AM - 29 Jun 12 via TweetDeck Details
3h Jerry Snook Jerry Snook ‏@JerrySnook

@MariMcMillan Yeah I think so on the DC thing, the traps are scaled wrong. Unsure on status of wings, but it's in the Known Issues.

3h Mari McMillan Mari McMillan ‏@MariMcMillan

@JerrySnook allright, thnx for lighting up these things!
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