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June 29th, 2012, 21:48
… So it's rather a bug ? Good to know, then …

And yes, there has been some … irritation regarding traps in general … Someone even claimed that the "trapbox" (you know, that box whichcontroils the trap and which can be disabled) "killed" him (his char) … And some reported that they weren't able to spot/disable them at all …

All these reports were about higher difficulty settings, especially Elite difficulties.

Just to make sure that I understand this correctly :

Guilds may use coupon SHIP75 for a 75% discount off amenities in the DDO Store.
Originally Posted by Peter Stauffenberg View Post
Coupon is SHIP01 and will give you up to 900 TP free amenities per account so we need to cooperate here.
Which of both is right, now ? Or can both be applied at the same time ?

Edit : Found it out :

Airship amenities applied prior to June 28th expired. Guilds may use coupon SHIP01 for free amenities (up to 900 total shopping cart value) through July 5th in the DDO Store, limit 1 per account. SHIP75 coupon is valid for a 75% discount off amenities in the DDO Store, and is good through Sunday July 1st, limit 10 per account.
Source : http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=150534

Dte correctly pointed to it, but I failed to see it.
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