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July 1st, 2012, 09:26
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
You keep using this line but it doesn't hold up. MOO3 has the world's shittiest AI but that doesn't mean it's no longer a strategy game - it's just not a good one. Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider aren't remotely funny - but that doesn't make their movies dramas or action/adventures - they're just not good comedies.
As I mentioned above, there are games with better RP opportunities, with hundreds of NPCs, branching quests, different factions you can join, etc., and there are games with much more limited RP opportunities. But if there is absolutely no roleplaying in a game at all, clearly it is not a role playing game. This is nothing more than common sense.

I played Master of Orion 1 quite a bit as a kid, never played 3, but regardless of whether the A.I. is smart or stupid, regardless of whether it's a good strategy game or a bad strategy game, either there is real time strategy gameplay or turn based strategy gameplay or it's not a strategy game. It might be a crappy game, but if there is that kind of gameplay it's still a strategy game.

If you are talking about Punch Drunk Love, or, say Spanglish, you could certainly argue that those are not comedies. As for some of his other movies that you might not have liked, they are comedies because they contain comedy content and a comedy storyline. They might be bad or stupid jokes, but they are still jokes.

There are good shooters and crappy shooters, but all of them allow you to shoot stuff. Same goes for racing games, fighting games, basketball games, etc. There are also hybrid sort of games of course, say a sandbox shooter with some role playing elements, etc., but I was responding to an earlier comment specifically about whether it's possible to have role playing games with no roleplaying, and the answer is absolutely not.

EDIT: Watching a film about a ragtag team of misfit basketball players and a coach with a drinking problem can certainly be a somewhat different experience from watching a racing movie, or an Adam Sandler comedy, but in video games these distinctions of genre carry a bit more weight because the gameplay in a strategy game, a racing game or a roleplaying game is such a different experience, regardless of whether it's a good game or a bad game.
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