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July 1st, 2012, 10:34
On the other hand, after it was just you and me, it was about 3 hours and you netted well in excess of 200,000xp. Or over 2/3rds of the way to level 21.

In that same run, I netted almost 60k, and another 20k when I just finished the messages quest.

Also, I picked up some of the new items from the commendation turn ins. This, among some other swapping, got me to 420hp and 3000sp. A couple more points and she'll be taking her Draconic Heritage, and on the way to Fly by and wings!

I need to respec her, as I ate a +3 CON tome, which has qualified her for Epic Toughness. But I don't like losing the 10hp from Draconic vitality. If the LR wasn't bugged, she could have 470hp. Not bad for a pure-class Sorcerer. 460 isn't a huge drop, but it still sucks.

*Edit* I went ahead and did it. And checked my hp break down. At level 10, I have 42hp from feats. Breaking this down: Toughness 2+1/level or 12, 20 from Heroic Durability. So Obviously, I kept my Draconic Vitality.
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