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July 2nd, 2012, 00:34
Brandon Sheffield from EIC has written a lengthy editorial on Gamasutra about this issue. He uses the Hitman: Absolution trailer as a foundation for his statement about how women is still being used to show
boobs and butts, not only in games, but within the culture at large, saying this is a natural extension of who we put in charge.
The link to the article:
Opinion_Video_games_and_Male_Gaze__are_we_men_or_b oys.php

A quote then about the Male Gaze:
Male Gaze, then, has to do with the relationship between a heterosexual male viewer, and a female that is being viewed. The theory poses that in media like film, photography, and I would here add games, when a heterosexual male is in charge of the viewing of a female, the resulting media necessarily reflects that male's gaze. In the case of games, this may be more of a collective gaze.
More information.
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