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July 2nd, 2012, 14:05
Every time I see a very radical and irrational comment about respecting women to the point that actually ignores the very meaning of genders, I get the feeling that either the author was completely asexual, or trying hard to score a feminist hot-chick.
Anyways, there are things that men prefer, and there are things that women prefer, and it has nothing to do with using each other, or being disrespectful or sexist. It's more or less dictated by or genes (and to a lesser extent by our culture). It has kept us alive and ensured our survival. Struggling against it is absurd, completely pathetic and insane.
Women do like things too, but hardcore gaming industry is more or less male dominated. It makes sense to try to please them. Some magazines, TV shows, etc. are trying hard to please women by sexy photos of body builders (or please men, by sexy photos of super models) for a very long time and I haven't seen people complaining about them.
If the author had spent more time on the streets, perhaps he'd notice that most people (female or male) prefer to be 'used' that way.
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