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July 2nd, 2012, 16:43
Originally Posted by Zloth View Post
How are you doing with teaming? I've hardly ever teamed in this game. Seems like it makes everything too easy.

P.S. Looks like we're both into the green!
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Green happens to be my favorite color … plus my main is a dragon so it works I really enjoy the skill system. I am slowly working towards the Martial Arts deck but only because its natural to do so since I like Chaos magic and Blade. But I am also going to work on an Executioner build (from the Templar) which is Chaos and Fist and the Ninja (think that is the Dragon one) which is Blade and Elemental. Then I plan on making my own pure occultist from Chaos and Elemental. Once nice is they all build off each other. Magic, Hands and Swords are my favorite in any game. Plus I can do it all on my main character, Kveldulfr "Ulfr" Thanor as I gather more skill points.

I have teamed up and have found it very useful for certain quests. Early on doing Draugnet can be difficult, for example (well for someone casual like myself) and having a teammate is really nice. I have never grouped with more than one person so far though. But having a partner is really nice and helps out a lot.

I tend to agree with much of what @Dart said in his more detailed review. I don't do PvP, Instances or the like so can't comment there. But clearly we have different play styles :-) It was almost 4 hours before I even left Seoul with my first character as I perfected his look. Then as soon as I was in Kingsmouth it was close to another two hours before I did my first quest as I was to busy shopping.

I am super casual - I tend to go very slow. Explore all the corners, read all the dialogue, take my time, constantly chat with friends and guild folks (that is where I get my social fix). There is so much to see and do.

However, as @Dart mentioned, I doubt I would want to do that all again. Redoing all the detailed quests a second time would have far less appeal since you know the puzzles and the story line. On the other hand you might pick up on a lot of things a second time through.

During beta I met F.A.T.E and was able to get all the skills. I didn't have more than 2 hours to play with them but I think the combat picks up a lot in complexity as you get further into the game. Choices can almost be overwhelming when you try to select what you want. But I really don't know what the more advanced combat is like, especially in a full group or PvP.

I do, however, miss my stealth - its my favorite game style in most games.
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