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July 3rd, 2012, 10:47
What's this about having two builder skills? Why? Each skill seems to build for both weapons. They have different affects but that's what I use different builds… errr…. decks for.
Yeah, I don't really know why I felt that was universally necessary.

It's just that for Blade/Elemental builders - one is instant melee, and the other is delayed ranged. That is, so far - they're all like that.

So, unless I have 2 builders - I'll have to do without useful spammable abilities covering all scenarios. Elemental builders are ideal for pulling and PvP when you're trying to maintain a safe distance. Blade builders are useful when you're in a hurry to build resources - because they're instant - and they tend to hurt more.

But, obviously, it depends on your combination of weapons - and I'm sure 1 builder is fine for a lot of builds.




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