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July 4th, 2012, 04:27
RPG Codex has posted a review of Risen 2, calling the game "Risen 2: FedEx Waters". In general, it's quite negative with a litany of complaints from the combat to the questing to the exploration, with the writing and humour being the only real high points:
The island design goes from decent to horribad. The Sword Coast is probably the best one overall, with two settlements and a sizable chunk of stuff to explore. Caldera is another good one, if only because it’s composed only of a city, without any wilderness, which means you can forget, at least for an hour or two, about the clumsy combat. But then you get to Maracai Bay, which can only be described as “corridor island” because the whole damn area is made of nothing more than corridors carved out between huge, impassable mountains. And after that you get to corridor island’s revenge, otherwise known as the Isle of the Dead – this island is actually doubly disappointing because it’s the only one in the game that looks nice. Once you’ve been to the first island, Tacarigua, you’ve pretty much seen them all – they are all rather generic-looking jungles, that differ only with the shades of green used for vegetation (such as Tacarigua Happy and Maracai Grimdark). Meanwhile, when you land on the Isle of the Dead, you see those large, distressing mountains, a huge jade portal leading to the inner sanctum, and everything has those bleak and depressing colours. Inside, the island is made to resemble an Indian city carved out in stone. But then you get a map of the place and realise it’s nothing other than 2 corridors joined at the entrance, filled with undead and one fetch quest. Sigh.
More information.
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