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July 4th, 2012, 12:31
I really loved the game for the most part, but I got sidetracked in the latter half of it. That's not a good sign - and I have to admit that the islands turned out to be too samey. Exploration was much less interesting after getting halfway through, because it was pretty apparent that it was the same stuff you were going to see.

The combat isn't good, either. Well, I should say it's not very well balanced - because I found it was pretty entertaining overall. I think they made voodoo too complicated/messy - and firearms (especially the muskets) way too powerful.

Overall, I consider it a good game - and the atmosphere is absolutely fantastic for a long time. It's just really sad that they couldn't fill it up with more variety in terms of locations and exploration.

It also got a rough reception from the mainstream media - and I fear it will not have sold enough copies to really make a sequel particularly desirable for the investors.




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