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July 4th, 2012, 13:52
The last game I finished was yesterday - Mass Effect 2. I know that Bioware/ Origin is regarded as a dirty word in the world of "true" RPG but they tell a magnificent story which has pace and thrills. It felt like a hybrid neither a FPS or a RPG but something inbetween.

I have no regrets in spending 40 hours or so playing this game. The good points:-

1. Great story with tension. Surprises - I didn't read any ME2 reviews or posts in the last two years - both nice and not so nice.
2. Great gameplay - good use of limited ammo and power uses.
3. Old friends from ME 1 are available.
4. It cost me 5.
5. Able to remap keys to make conflict scenes easier to control.
6. Able to remap allocation of skill points and swap one of the biotics for a fee.

The not so good points.

1. Mining, hacking and bypass felt like fillers.
2. Rubbish documentation. This meant I spent 10 hours playing to understand how the system works and then restarted.
3. Prefer to see some skills split out with more points per level.
4. I know the story - will I want to replay again?

My main play was as an Infiltrator. Found myself using a combinations of SMG with disruptor ammo or Incinerate. At times the sniper rifle was useful for 1st strikes and taking down rocket launchers.

Ran perfectly on my six year old Dell XPS 600 duo core PC. I have a 2 year old HD graphics card and 5Gb of memory. Sounded great using the on-board sound chip (even better using headphones). So technically good.

Best 5 I have spent in a long time.

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