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July 4th, 2012, 15:18
Both Risens are a major waste of potential in my opinion. There are many good ideas to be seen but in the end everything is just pretty half-assed.
I basically have a love/hate relationship with both games. I love the good old PB style and atmosphere, the exploration, the humorous characters and dialogue and I hate just about everything else.
As for the Risen franchise, I sincerely hope that PB (or DS for that matter) is going to bury it. It has no future. There is no continuity, no lore, no coherent story, no depth, nothing…
I wish they would start over from scratch with a new universe and actually think stuff through next time.
Create a universe. Create a world. Create lore and create a vision. Then make a game based on that vision.
In essence: Rediscover creativity or -if they have lost all creativity as it seems when looking at Risen 1 + 2- then go and hire someone who is able to come up with and follow through on a creative vision.
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