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July 4th, 2012, 15:21
Originally Posted by Dusk View Post
And the survival mechanics are tied to the dialogues under the theme of human condition, which is roughly based on what Brian Mitsoda experienced during his own experience in Hurricane Katrina. The mechanic also opens up various possible paths to develop the story through PC-NPC interactions. In fact, any NPC can be killed when it comes to the openness of the story.

In any case, as long as you are interested in form any aspect and are willing to support the project, we are on the same boat. I'm just writing this in order to tell that the game is not either only about combat/survival mechanic or pre-made/given story but that they are parts of whole the concept to those who haven't checked it out yet.
It brings no light. Survival might be the central focus of a game with a story relation supporting survival as the main focus.

Is delivering a survival experience the primary goal of the game or is delivering a story about survival the primary goal? Will the story support the survival mechanics or will the survival mechanics support the story? Which one is going to be subordinated to the other?

People who fund one of the alternatives can not be on the same boat but they can be wrongly led to think they are on the same boat by keeping them in the dark. Makes the boat bigger than it is actually.
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