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July 5th, 2012, 01:37
I see this as a great victory for consumers in the European Union. It basically means that publishers can't stop us from re-selling our disk copies of games, even if these copies are tied to say a Steam or Origin account if Origin or Steam has servers in one of the countries in the European Union.

It also means that EAs plan to stop the second-hand market by going "100% digital" has been stopped or haltered in the European Union at least. It further means that if I buy say Book of Unwritten Tales from an online digital distributor. once I'm finished playing this game, I can re-sell or trade it. And the ruling says that the person buying it, must be able to (re)download it from the seller's e.g. web-site again. Possibly getting a new product key as I interpret the bit about "the technichal measures".

It also means that at least in the European Union and possibly in the connected countries (such as Norway or Switzerland) EA can't prohibit second sale of their games anymore, whether they be sold on disc on sold via Origin, their digital distrubution channel.

If you look further in the ruling, this also applies to any patches etc. put upon the original game, this means it must apply to DLC as well….
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