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July 5th, 2012, 12:59
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
Edit : And, what nobody realizes : The direct developers are always left out. It's always the middle man induustry (we say "Verwertungsgesellschaften" here) that want commercialization of "play" !
I disagree. It's the need for developers to be able to earn a living developing (rather than having to have a paying job taking up creative time and energy in addition to making games) that drives the need for games to be commercially sold. The role of publishers is not as a middle man, rather as a funder to enable development time in advance of receiving revenue from sales. There's nothing stopping developers applying for other sources of funding instead/as well, but publishers are generally good at what they do and offer a competitive service compared to say a bank.

Like they want total commercialization of things like Music, too. And Patents.

Which is … Commercialization of Ideas. Of Thoughts, if you think it to the end. Because music compositions, game ideas, patents… All of that is basically nothing but thoughts, ideas, nothing materialistic, because you cannot grab it with your hands.
I fear you're getting a bit idealistic Alrik Patents are, in general, a good thing, and when used correctly enable research and idea sharing when it wouldn't otherwise have occurred.

And this results in the commercialization of non-materialistic areas, as part of the Commercialization Of Everything.
The only realistic alternative is state-funded development. This certainly has a role in some areas - music is a good example, but it can generally exist alongside the private sector because, well, do you want games only developed with government funding?
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