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July 5th, 2012, 15:20
Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
Huhm, this would mean that Path of Exile will actually be *less* fun for me, as I can't see myself invested long-term into a game anymore. Sucks, because I was considering donating the $10 to get into the Closed Beta. The videos seem show high enough production values to me, so what's not as good as Diablo 3 in terms of that and the short-term experience then?
Primarily, the story and presentation suffers a lot - because it's rather dry and "non-cinematic".

Beyond that, I'd say the moment-to-moment gameplay of Diablo 3 is better, because they have such a large variety of animations - and most are rather cool, visually.

Path of Exile has a limited amount of animations - and they obviously don't have the resources to make unique stuff for every single skill.

So, the "feel" of the game is different - and I'd expect most casual fans of the genre will be bored, because they're not getting spoonfed with an "experience" and amazing cutscenes and other cinematic ways to get your attention.

You'd have to care about stuff like complex character builds - with a huge amount of variety - and you'd have to accept that you can't just pick stuff at random and expect to do well.

It's a very slow burner, too. Because it takes time to develop your character and it will be hours before you have enough skills to get a decent feel for how this game operates in the long-term.




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