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July 5th, 2012, 15:33
Originally Posted by KnightPT View Post
The problem is that D3 itemization is weak, too random, too much low level/crappy rares drop in inferno and the AH just made items way less important when they drop reducing our eagerness to kill stuff more and more for more drops.
This might be true.
But are we are complaining that the game with random item generation , is too random ?

Thought it was kind of the point ?

All this whining just reminds me why they removed random generated loot in mass games like WOW.

That being said - they should eliminate chance that magic item is better than legendary … and so on.

D3 problem is not items.
Its that once you beat it in Inferno mode - you basically dont have nothing else to do , and no reason to continue playing.

Because they do not have random generated maps - like all other new ARPGs have (Torchlight infinite dungeons , POE random map drops…etc)
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