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July 5th, 2012, 17:19
Random maps won't change anything - if the core isn't intact. If you're not enjoying the basic gameplay - then having a slightly different map setup isn't going to be the deciding factor. It's not irrelevant and it does spice things up a bit - but it's tiny compared with interesting/desirable loot in this genre.

However, if a developer one day actually manages to generate meaningful differences in their random maps - THEN it might start to matter. So far, even the best in the genre have been about turning map pieces 90 degrees this or that way (or just flipping them 180) - and interconnecting them randomly. You end up with the exact same experience - slightly modified so you can't predict the layout.

Originally, this feature of the roguelike had more to do with saving memory and development time than actually adding to the experience, beyond enabling "eternal" gameplay.




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